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She was suffering from the after-effects of a bad marriage. She was embarking on a new career. There was a new man she was interested in.

What she wanted was a strong relationship with the new man in her life. She wanted a family. She also wanted a job in the career field she was entering.

She had heard about feng shui from friends. She discovered the name of Louise Klein, with Wind and Water Design in Providence. Klein did a feng shui consultation at the woman's house.

It wasn't long before the woman and the man were married. The woman received the job offer she wanted. She went on to win an Emmy for television reporting. And she conceived her baby.

"Things weren't working in my life," says Monique Brook, an actor and a reporter for cable station PAX 26 in New London. "Louise and I sat down and talked. She asked me what areas of my life I wanted to work on. She asked me what my goals were."

And voilà, the payoff was quick and dramatic.

All right-just what is this thing called feng shui?

"Feng shui is a new twist on interior design," says Klein."It's an intuitive art."

It is a way of making changes to your living space to facilitate improvements in your life. It is based on both spiritual and scientific principles.

Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) can perhaps be best explained by way of specifics.

The consultant talks with you and asks you to focus initially on three areas of your life that you wish to improve. The areas of life as set forth on a bagua map are wealth and prosperity, health and family, knowledge and self-cultivation, fame and reputation, career, love and marriage, creativity and children, and helpful people and travel.

The consultant then superimposes the bagua map on your living space and goes to the places in your house that correspond to the areas of your life that you wish to improve, as plotted on the bagua map. She then makes suggestions for unblocking energy in those areas of your life.

For instance. Brook wanted improvement in the wealth and prosperity sector of her life (by the way, this doesn't mean simply money - it embraces success, or "fortunate blessings"). That section of the bagua map is a space that is actually outside Brook's house, beyond the left rear corner of the building. What solution did Brook and Klein settle on?

"I put in a bird bath and planted purple flowers there," says Brook.

"Purple is the color of wealth," says Klein.

"The very next morning," says Brook, "I got a phone call offering me the job I wanted!"

The fame and reputation sector of Brook's house is in a family room at the rear. Klein suggested Brook put up photographs representing positive career images; she suggested Brook re-arrange some of the furniture: she suggested Brook put bamboo flutes on the timbers near the ceiling, as bamboo is considered in feng shui to be a material that raises the energy in a room.

Klein also suggested that Brook do a collage of words and images depicting her objectives: family, husband, a car, and even an Emmy.

Klein focused on the bathroom, which was in the love and marriage sector of the house as plotted on the bagua map. Brook's bathroom contained photos of single people and also contained a cluttered closet, which is an energy blocker in the feng shui philosophy. So Brook replaced the photos with pictures of couples, and she cleaned up the closet.

The results speak for themselves.

Klein (reachable at 401-440-5317 for a consultation) speaks often of intuition. Follow your own inner voice, she advises. If it occurs to you that a certain color would look good in a certain corner of the room, then put it there.

"When you get an intuitive hit," says Klein, "then follow through."
Everything - house, furniture, yard - contains energy, emphasizes Klein.

"Our environment talks to us all the time," she says, "but we don't listen."

More good advice: "Get rid of everything in your house that no longer serves you. Live with things you truly love."

Here's an interesting, stray fact: Donald Trump won't design a building without advice from a feng shui consultant.

One of the first things a feng shui consultant will do with clients is to ask them to identify specific objectives in their lives. This is a not-so-mystical way of getting people to clarify their thinking and make some decisions about the priorities in their lives.

Once you have a goal, says Klein, a pathway to that goal will open up.

"Where intention or attention goes," she says, "energy flows."

She elaborates: "You know the three most important things in real estate-location, location, location. Well, the three most important things in feng shui are intention, intention, intention."


Louise Ann Klein CFS, CSC
Certified Feng Shui Consultant | Certified Senior Soul Coach


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