Louise Klein

Louise Klein has the innate ability to create beautifully balanced and nurturing spaces. She has complimented her intuitive design abilities with her formal studies in Feng Shui, earning her a certification from the Western School of Feng Shui™ and The Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui. In addition Louise has also studied with Professor Thomas Lin Yun, Stephen Post and Alex Stark. She is an international Feng Shui member.

Her own home was featured on PAX TV where she was interviewed by Emmy Award-winning talk show host Monique Brook.

Louise understands that all healing comes from within, In recognizing this, she continues the process of her own healing with Bill Bauman at the Center for Soulful Living in St. George Utah. She is also one of the first Soul Coaches in the US certified with Denise Linn. Her background is in nursing where she now lovingly blends Eastern philosophy with Western practices. Combining the art of Feng Shui with Soul Coaching and energy medicine is a delicate marriage that allows her to work with her clients to facilitate a synergistic blend of healing in both their inner and outer environments.

Louise maintains a high level of service, integrity and compassion in her work, and is committed to inspiring her clients to create beauty and peace in their lives. She is available by appointment for private Feng Shui consultations for your home and workplace. She is also available for individual and group Soul Coaching session, along with web-based groups, and will design a program based on your individual needs.

[ Phone consultations also available. ]

Read more about Louise Klein's work: from Marketplace March 9, 2003


Louise Ann Klein CFS, CSC
Certified Feng Shui Consultant | Certified Senior Soul Coach

WINSTON-SALEM NC | 401-440-5317

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