"Louise Klein has the very special ability to inspire others to find their inner spiritual roots so they can truly soar!"

Denise Linn
Internationally-renowned healer, author & creator of Soul Coaching.


"Two months ago I was in search of someone to help me decorate our soon-to-be new house using Feng Shui.  My husband and I were concerned about the house past owners' negative energy staying in the house (the couple was divorcing).  After talking with Louise, I immediately knew she would be the right person to help us, although it meant that her coaching would be done remotely due to the distance that separated us.  Louise helped us with the clearing of the house and with bringing some elements to our home that were needed to make it a peaceful place.  Today and now for some weeks, I feel peace not only in our home but in my soul as well, a peace I was looking for now some time.  My husband shines with happiness and our kids are very adapted to the house.  I attribute all of these to Louise's intuition on how to make the energies work for us.  The best part is we are still working in decorating of our home and can't wait to have it all ready so that Louise can come down to visit and bless our home. Thank you Louise for taking the time to help others make their own little piece of heaven on earth!!"

Cynthia Villalona
Raleigh, North Carolina

"Dear Louise,
I can honestly say that the experience of the last 28 days has lifted me spiritually to a level I could not have anticipated. All while I was running away from who I am, I found myself in where I am, thanks to your guidance and the Soul Coaching program.

There are many programs that speak about spirituality, but so few deliver. Every type of spititual or personal growth program that I had experience up until now, turned me furthur inward and somehow never brought me out into groundedness. I wondered about this while I was participating in them. The Soul Coaching program combined with the Feng Shui brought me to a place of peace, love and contentment that I've not experienced in eleven years!!!

Happily and gratefully, once again, I have a ' knowing' and I've called my Spirit back. Plus, I feel confident that I will be able to continue to grow and evolve using the information I' ve gained through this program.

Thanks you for your partnership in this phase of my personal growth."

Diana Turner-Forte, Teaching Artist
Ellerby, North Carolina


"One day I'm on the Internet looking for a Feng Shui practitioner to help me with my redesign of my house, next thing I know, 6 weeks later I'm a new person. The combination of the space clearing, de-cluttering, Feng Shui cures, and Soul coaching that Louise facilitated have had a dramatic effect on my home, my relationships, and my business. My 5 weeks of the soul coaching program flew by, and it was a time of very profound and mystical events. Louise is so warm, intuitive, empathetic, non-judgemental, and fun, I felt like I had my own personal "Fairy Godmother" helping me the whole way. I am extremely happy with the results of what we accomplished together. Thank-you Louise!!"

Kim Pachico
Middletown, RI

"As the co-founder and director of the New England School of Feng Shui, I have access to innumerable teachers and practitioners. As those in the field realize, it is difficult to assess your own space. So when it came time to move my life forward, I chose Louise to come to my house for a consultation. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! She has a depth of knowledge and intuition that is rare. Louise really knows how to get the energy moving and how to create powerful changes!"

Susan Pildis
Co-director of The New England School of Feng Shui.


"When I met Louise I was really at a crossroad... I knew I was capable of more, but did not know how to get there. I wanted more than therapy; I wanted to create a new life for myself...Louise explained that my environment was holding me back and the energy was keeping me in the past. She talked about the tremendous negative impact of clutter. I went to work decluttering immediately...Her approach with me was as unique as she is. Louise is one of the kindest people I have ever met. The Soul Coaching and Feng Shui program she offers is like a road map for the lost. It will help you find your way home."

Boston Mass


"Staggering" is an adjective often used by Louise and it best describes her and her work. She has been extremely supportive and inspirational in her working with us on several occasions including Soul Coaching and Feng Shui Consultations. Recently she Space Cleared and, essentially, decorated our new home. My husband and I are more than pleased and amazed by Louise's skill in creating peace and beauty. She is, indeed, a very special person with tremendous knowledge, intuition, and energy. I recommend her most highly.

Susan Kelley
Mystic, Conn

"After Louise performed a Feng Shui consultation and Space Clearing in my home, for the first time in 25 years, I finally feel like my house is a home."

Maria Hodkindson
Rhode Island

Louise came to my office as one of my clients and mentioned that she was a Feng Shui Consultant. I dismissed the idea at the time, however later that evening I mentioned to my wife that a Feng Shui Consultant had been in my office. That created interest. My wife suggested that we hire her to Feng Shui our offices. My office partner and I hired Louise to perform a Consultation and Space Clearing because we needed greater direction. A third office partner had just moved out of our space on not so happy terms, which had left negative energy there.  Louise gave us many unique planning ideas as well as ideas to create the proper flow of energy in our spaces. We are moving forward with still more to do, however are offices are much brighter, more inviting and definitely has greater abundance. Thank you Louise!

Roger Calhoun
Financial Advisor
Winston-Salem NC


WOW! I had not idea what Feng Shui was and if had, I would have done it years ago. This was a fabulous experience for me. Energy that was blocking me from from being my true self moved out. My house is balanced and I feel truly at home in it. Thank you Louise for making it so! It is a joy to live here now.

Margot Robinson
Executive Film Producer
Greensboro, North Carolina



Louise Ann Klein CFS, CSC
Certified Feng Shui Consultant | Certified Senior Soul Coach


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